Including Everyone

Freshmen at PLHS are getting involved in Circle of Friends.


Sara Badura

Members of Circle of Friends gather together to play games.

Maddy Delos Reyes, Staff Writer

The PLHS club Circle of Friends evolves around including everyone. High school students are encouraged to join to include all special need students in activities. Freshman especially at PLHS have been involved and active throughout the Circle of Friends club. 

As the 2023 freshman class joined the high school, the club quickly gained new members. 

“I joined circle of friends because I like helping others and those who need help making friends,” freshman Regan Covrig said. 

The club offers benefits to everyone. From meeting new people, to having a good start to students Thursday mornings, members of the club are sure to create connections that are unforgettable. 

“The club helps create bonds with new people and the other kids,” freshman Piper Sopinski said. “I’ve met a lot of new people from Circle of Friends.” 

Daily club meetings on Thursday mornings offer an array of activities to participate in. 

“We usually play games and get to know each other,” Covrig said. “We play games like Headbands, Would you Rather, and Apples to Apples.” 

Students in the club continually encourage other students to participate. The club always has open hands to others. 

“Others should join the club,” Covrig said. “Everyone can learn to be nicer to each other and get to know everyone.” 

Circle of Friends helps create an example to all students to follow. As Circle of Friends continues to grow, so does the hope for all students to always include everyone.