Rowdy yet Respectful

As winter sports season approaches, students should remain calm and supportive while the teams play.


Anthony Rubek, Staff Writer

I was at my five-year-old cousins flag football game and then something happened that was shocking. A parent ran on to the field yelling at the referee for a missed illegal block in the back call on one touchdown. I have never seen someone that upset over a game played by kindergarteners. But if a parent can lash out like that, I would have to think a high schooler can too.

With high school basketball season coming up, I believe that it is best for the students of PLHS to remain respectful to players, coaches, and officials while our teams play.

First things first: the players. While this isn’t usually the problem, it is still good to remember. These players are high schoolers, not in the NBA. They’ll miss a free throw or two, don’t get on their tails about it.

Now the coaches; again, not that big of a problem, but still worth mentioning. You may not agree with what the coach thinks, but there’s a reason why they are the one coaching. The coaches know what they are doing to try to make the teams successful.

Finally, the biggest cause for jeers, the refs. While they may miss some obvious calls or call nonsense on one of our players, the fans must remain calm. I’m not saying the crowd can’t boo a call, that’s normal, but let’s try to refrain from profanity. There are younger kids at these games that don’t need to hear those words.

Students should be respectful to the visiting team and its fans. Even if their student section is a little rowdy, the crowd should stay humble and show them why they are one of the best student sections in the state.

This winter season, let’s not act like parents who care about youth sports too much and cheer on the Monarchs in an upbeat positive way.