Sung from the Heart

PLHS ITS Troop 68 sells Sing-A-Grams at King’s Corner during lunch in order to raise money for the Troop.


Hannah Shin

Sophomore Roshu Senthil buys a SIng-A-Gram for a friend after lunch. The money went to fund the Fine Arts Department.

Hannah Shin, PLPulse Design Editor

It’s that time of year where students start thinking about what they’re going to do for Valentine’s Day. Generally, students will buy flowers or chocolates for their significant other and friends, but sometimes it’s nice to do something a little more unique. 

Every year, ITS, or International Thespian Society, does a fundraiser called Sing-A-Grams 

Sing-A-Grams are songs to send to friends or significant others,” senior Kennedy Hassler said. 

Students can buy a Sing-A-Gram for three dollars or a Sing-A-Gram for five dollars plus a small gift. The two options include a balloon or flower. 

“You fill out a Sing-A-Gram form, pick your song, and write down who you want to send it to plus their advisement room,” Hassler said. 

Then during the week of Valentine’s Day, Play Pro goes out during advisement and sings songs to the special students. 

 “Something that makes them interesting is that you can keep your Sing-A-Gram anonymous,” Hassler said. 

 Most of the songs are love songs, but there are some good ones for friends. 

“I like getting to pick a song to sing with a friend and I have a lot of fun singing,” junior Grace Khayati said.  

These songs are light-hearted or funny and many students enjoy listening to the variety of songs that are performed. 

“People are either embarrassed or really grateful,” Khayati said. 

Whether they are blushing or laughing, Sing-A-Grams are always a unique way to express love and care.