From Wing Eating to Basketball Players Singing

The Color of Hope pep rally was enjoyed by many students and featured exciting new activities.


Chloe Harker

Sophomore Jacob McGrew stuggles to move on a scooter after one of his teams plugers broke.

Tyler Henkel, Staff writer

Everyone was staring excitedly to the door, and at first sight of him everyone stood up and cheered: Mr. Reposa had entered the pep rally. 

Pep rallies are a big part of the high school experience. They show school spirit and get students excited for the new sports season, or in this case, to support a good cause.

The pep rally included a buffalo wing eating competition, where Mr. Young beat the other three staff members involved.

Watching the teachers have an eating competition was great,” sophomore Hannah Howren said. 

Howren was not the only student to enjoy this part of the pep rally.

“When Reposa had the wings, I just saw the sombrero just going up and down, and that was the best part,” sophomore Raymond Ryan said. 

Some of ours schools pep rally traditions include winter sports being represented, as cheerleading and dance team performances. While wing eating competitions and cheerleading performances are entertaining, pep rallies are overall able to demonstrate the tradition of the school. 

“I think pep rallies are good because I feel like everyone can enjoy something,” Ryan said. 

Pep rallies have always been an important part of the school and school spirit; they have always been something to look forward to during the day. 

“Pep rallies are a great opportunity to hang out with friends and cheer for the school,” Howren said. 

The 2020 Color of Hope pep rally is over, and with it $90,000 in total have been raised for cancer research throughout its years.