Preparing Our Future

PLHS seniors give juniors a steer in the right direction in preparation for their last year in high school.


Chloe Harker

Jack Nieto, Staff Writer

With seniors wrapping up their last semester at PLHS, they have some words of advice to pass on to the junior class for their next year. Many students believe that junior year comes the hardest with the ACT, SAT, and the plethora of AP classes thaopen up, pressuring students to do well in preparation for college which makes them excited to be lazy senior year However, staying strong throughout the last year can provide its benefits.   

Although AP classes are difficult and push students to do their best work, there are many advantages to taking these classes senior year. A lot of students don’t realize that colleges look for AP classes on transcripts because it shows maturity and readiness for college. Students who take these AP classes are a stronger contender for being admitted to their dream college. Two students at PLHS that are enrolled in AP classes are senior Samson Feng who is in AP Microeconomics, AP Macroeconomics, and AP Physics and senior Cassie Walker who is in AP Calculus and AP Biology. 

Take AP classes senior year because there are so many options available that weren’t in the previous three years of high school. There are classes that might transfer over for a college credit and if they don’t, they’re good exposure for a class that one might end up taking in college, Walker said.  

While retaining an academic balance is important, a healthy body plays a big role throughout teenagers in high schoolAll the way up to junior year, most students have been involved in one activity of some sort whether its school based, or club based to keep themselves in a healthy and hardworking mindset which ultimately pays off.  

“Senior year is not too late to join any sport or club. If it’s something that you may take interest in, then go for it. Sports and clubs are great ways to make friends and bond over common interests. As a senior you may play a big role to underclassman who look up to you, so give advice to them while you can,” Walker said. 

Senioritis is nothing anyone should fear if youre involved in the vast amount of sports and clubs that the school provides 

“Set goals for yourself. You don’t have to join a lot of clubs or sports. Joining clubs you have interest in, however, makes you stand out and you may regret not getting involved. Becoming a president of a club can represent leadership for example, and colleges tend to look for those qualities. Being in clubs or sports keeps me working and I believe it does with many other people,” Feng said. 

Slacking off senior year may be the easy route, however, not finishing high school on a strong note could result in a strenuous first year in college. For the final piece of advice, keep goals in mind for senior year and what you want to accomplish before graduation. And lastly, enjoy this time because it only happens once (unless you fail of course).