Priscilla P

Change is always a scary thing for everyone to deal with, positive or negative. Starting High school is one on these changes that can be scary. It’s the overall shift in location and people that can cause the fear but towards the end of the semester most are adjusted. 

Freshman Karla Angel and freshman Kaitlyn Vuong both have lived in the district for some time, known the same people, gone to the same schools, yet their experiences so far in High school have been different. 

The summer going into High school is when it really starts hitting former eighth graders and incoming freshman. 

“I was nervous I thought it was going to be hard and I wasn’t going to have many people to talk to,” Angel said. 

For the people that have lived in the district for a long-time making friends is easy. This benefits you because you have been around the same people meaning they are transitioning into the same environment as you. 

“On my first day I was nervous, but it felt like I belonged there because my friends were there,” Angel said.  

For some students talking to people may not be the easiest thing in the world due to social skills. 

“All the new people were kind of scary too I’m not much of a social person and pretty much everyone knew everyone,” Vuong said.  

While going through the high school experience you gain new skills that really end up helping you in the future.  

You really learn new skills like time management, groups work skill, and just overall skills that you thought you never needed,” Vuong said. 

There is a lot of essentials you need in order to survive High school this can range from a pencil to a friend.  

Dedication to your education, be serious about High school cause its really going to affect your future,” Vuong said. 

Going through High school is not easy for everyone. It takes a strong person to overcome the challenges that come with the whole experience. For Karla Angel and Kaitlyn Vuong it was a challenge at first but in the end they overcame their initial fears.