School Cleanliness

Nathan S.

A clean learning environment is important to many students. A dirty environment can distract students and make them uneasy about going places as simple as the bathroom.  

“For the most part I think it’s a little dirty”Junior Jace Zoucha said. 

A combination of students who do not care and students that do when it comes to the learning environment create an opposing learning environment. Unfortunately, students trash the bathrooms almost every day. 

“One day I walked into the bathroom and there was a bottle in the urinal and the toilets were a mess and pee was all over the floor”, Zoucha said.   

Though a few students will always be “those kids”, the number can always keep going down rather than up. Disrespect for other students and the environment are very big factors in making students uncomfortable in school. 

“It makes the mood of high school degrading”, Zoucha said 

Even stepping up to make a change is intimidating for students. Many students have a hard time trying to change people they don’t know. 

“I probably wouldn’t because they know it’s wrong already so my words wouldn’t really do much”, Zoucha said. 

In order to maintain a good learning environment, everyone must care about it. It is hard for some students that do not want to be there. 

The school is okay but there’s still people who just don’t caresophomore Jared Podjenski said.  

He too has noticed the school declining in cleanliness.  

“One day there was spilled soda on the floor and my feet got stuck and then the bathroom looked nasty and the water fountain had gum in it”, Podjenski said.  

Many things could be done to clean up but what about preventing it? Some of the reason’s students do it is because they can. 

“They should just throw it away and be done with it. I don’t know how someone can just leave trash all over the place and no feel guilty”, Podjnski said.  

Maintaining a clean environment should be one of the top priorities for schools to focus on because it really does impact the students.