The Nebraska Promise

The Nebraska Promise offers some hope during uncertain times for students attending a University of Nebraska campus.


Herbener sits with her dog, Ollie. She is a UNL alum.

Bennett Clary

During these uncertain times, Nebraska colleges are doing their part to ensure students can still have their desired future. The Nebraska Promise covers full tuition for undergraduate students at UNO, UNK, UNL, UNMC and NCTA that are Pell Grant eligible or have a family income of $60,000 or less. It does not cover any additional fees, books or room and board.  

Many students dual enroll for AP classes, but some of them may still go to Metro because the tuition of Nebraska universities. With the Nebraska Promise, students worried about the cost of tuition can instead focus on going to their dream school. With less students choosing to attend Metro, their attendance will be shifted elsewhere. 

“It will definitely raise the number of kids who can go to a 4-year college,” counselor Ann Herbener said.  

With an increase of students attending 4-year colleges, students will have to look for scholarships and grants that can be used together to fund their college career.  

“It will stack with the Buffett scholarship and the Regents scholarship,” Herbener said. 

After making the commitment to a college, students begin looking into how their lives will change. Waking up on their own, creating their own meals and living in dorms are just a few of the major life changes students will have to make. Now, the coronavirus has students’ futures on hold as social distancing is still in effect.  

“A lot of colleges aren’t sure if they’re going to have kids back in the dorms in August,” Herbener said. 

Schools have been doing their best to accommodate to social distancing rules and continue to do so even as they prepare for the 2020-2021 school year. While many events can be held online, many unforgettable memories cannot be.  

“I’m worried about [seniors] with orientation and dorms, but that’s up to your college,” Herbener said.  

While the coronavirus may be creating a rift in the usual school activities, positive things have come from the chaos. The Nebraska Promise will help many once not committed students pave a path for their dream future without having to worry about a hefty tuition.