Google Classroom

Google Classroom has been incredibly helpful and beneficial with the current school year.


Danae Collver is a news staff writer

Many students and teachers were apprehensive and uneasy about the upcoming school year due to Covid-19. With the recent switch from Microsoft to Google Classroom, the school hoped to make the transition smooth and effortless regarding the new ways to submit, accomplish, and find assignments. Though the app aims to make these items more accessible, how well does it fulfill this brief? Fortunately, I’ve found the app to be extremely beneficial and just as easy to navigate as Microsoft.

Classes are neatly organized on a home page, and by clicking on them you are able to find current and upcoming assignments listed under a labeled week. This particular feature allows overwhelmed and anxious students to double check what is due or get a quick reminder of how to carry out an assignment. Teachers can also add future quizzes or test dates, so students can prepare and study in advance. 

Another benefit is contactless submission and other options for doing papers and worksheets. During the time of copious amounts of hand sanitizer and the possibility of a contagious disease is never zero, it is more important than ever to reduce the amount of contact we have with our peers.Through Google Classroom, homework is often done online to cut down on paper copies being passed around, and makes homework easier to turn in. 

Though there are a plethora of benefits to Google Classroom, there is one downside. In this generation technology is a major part of life, unfortunately not all students and families have access to a computer, phone, or wifi at home or at school.

Without access, kids cannot submit their work on time or possibly at all to the app. Luckily, the school has ordered Chromebooks for all of the students to have and hopefully they’ll arrive by mid September, aiding students who do not have a phone or laptop for school work.

Overall, the transition from Microsoft to Google Classroom has been quite positive and mostly beneficial to the school, teachers, and students.