Anything and Everything

PLHS athletes wear masks and take other safety precautions to ensure that they get to have a season this year.


Grace Brown

The varsity volleyball team breaks it down, wearing their masks for safety, in their game against Bellevue West.

Caitlyn Ryan, Sports Editor

The hashtag #LetUsPlay has become very popular on several different social media platforms. This trend exists because many sports seasons have sadly been cancelled or postponed due to the coronavirus. Luckily for the athletes at PLHS, fall sports are happening.

However, because of uncertainties and dangers associated with COVID-19, some extra safety measures have been put in place to ensure that PLHS athletes get to see their season all the way through.

Included in these safety measures is the requirement of a mask. Different sports have different requirements. For example, the volleyball team has to wear their masks at all times.

“We were told by my coach that masks should be worn at all times to decrease the risk of all of us getting quarantined,” senior volleyball player Logan Jeffus said. “If we didn’t wear a mask and one of us got corona, then the whole team would be out for two weeks.”

This precaution ensures that they can continue their season, even if one of them were to get sick.

Unlike the volleyball team, the softball team only has to wear their masks at certain times such as when they are in huddles, groups, or anytime that they are not six feet apart from each other. This is somewhat easy for them to do with the masks that they wear.

“We wear gaiters,” junior softball player Sofia Hurst said. “We all match by wearing those in games.”

The gaiter masks go around the players’ necks and can be pulled up over their faces when needed.

Wearing masks is not the only safety precaution that has been taking place. Sports teams are not allowed to have team dinners or team bondings, and can no longer shake hands with opponents after games.

“I think it’s really weird and it was definitely something we had to adjust to,” Jeffus said.

Not shaking hands isn’t the only thing that the athletes have had to adjust to. Most people complain about having to wear their mask for a short grocery trip. These athletes have to wear masks in a hot gym or out on the field, sweating, and moving all around.

“It’s hard to breathe, and it gets really hot,” Jeffus said.

Although many adjustments have been made, the athletes at PLHS are just thankful to be playing.

“We will do anything if it means we can play,” Hurst said.

With their seasons on the line, PLHS athletes are doing anything and everything possible to stay safe from the virus, so that tweeting #LetUsPlay does not become their reality.