What people will miss about quarantine

As students come back from being cooped up in quarantine, they reflect on what they miss about it.


Meagen Grigatis is watching netflix and eating her whoppers.

Undoubtedly many students miss something that quarantine had to offer .

Whether that be having more free time or trying something new. Or just simply doing more of what you enjoy. 

When everything began shutting down some people didn’t know what to do because they relied on a gym membership too much.

“During quarantine, I began watching workout videos and I have continued to do workouts every week since,” Junior Meagen Grigatis said.

I feel like we all found something to do to keep us busy while we were quarantined.

“I started playing my guitar more and I went to my neighbor’s pool to swim,” Junior Ava Zach said.

Along with finding a hobby and something to do, many people began to shop online. Online businesses had sales skyrocketing during COVID since a lot of stores were shutting down.

“I did a lot of online shopping since most stores were closed and just because I wanted something to do while being stuck inside the house,” Grigatis said.

A good thing about quarantine was that it was a good time for people to reflect on certain things.

“I learned my perspective on everything changed and I also learned that time can be taken away from you at any given moment” Zach said.

I think we can all agree that we should all live in the moment. At the end of the day we should not take time for granted given the measures that are in place now because of COVID.