Students Take Part in Supporting the USPS

The United States Postal Service has been having funding issues for a long time. Students are doing their part to help them out.


Sophomore Meredith Koehler purchases stamps from a local USPS.

Alex Gryczanowski, Staff Writer

There is a lot of anticipation that comes with getting a letter or package in the mail. It could be something you ordered online, like clothing or a book. No matter what it comes in the mail, postal services are a vital part of our society.

The United States Postal Service has been losing money for years however, with less than ten weeks left of the voting season and a global pandemic, they have been experiencing a funding crisis. The USPS has been experiencing major funding cuts, which will make them unable to support the surge of mail-in ballots.

The USPS has dealt with a lot of funding issues, which can make the public worry about the current state of the voting season. However, there are many ways to help support them during a global pandemic.

“I learned recently that the USPS gets a lot of its funding from stamp purchases,” sophomore Kate Harding said. “Something we could do to support them is buy stamps.”

There are a lot of options for stamps to buy at the local USPS in Papillion. After purchasing stamps from the postal office, there is always a use for them.

“I write letters to my friends,” sophomore Meredith Koehler said. “For example, two of my friends live out of state so we have been pen-paling each other.”

With this and many other ways to support the USPS, there can be a great outcome. However, they are still going through many problems and it leaves effects on the public.

“I feel like the USPS is having a hard time with getting money,” Harding said. “With a lot of things being online now and money going out, it costs more than ever to ship things.”

The USPS has to deal with new issues now that the election is coming up during the global pandemic. They now have to worry about mail in ballots more than ever. 

“I feel like mail in voting is a great way to support the USPS,” Harding said. “It will make people be more likely to vote because they’ll know they’re doing something to help people.”

Mail in voting is a great way to get your vote in and stay safe during the pandemic, but you have to get your vote in as soon as possible and make sure everything is correct on the ballot to secure your vote.

“I think that it is the best option for voting since we are in a pandemic,” Koehler said.

There are so many ways to support the USPS during a global pandemic, such as buying stamps, which supports them a ton. The USPS is an important part of our society, whether it comes to mailing a package to your friends and family out of town, sending a postcard, or pen-paling a friend.