The Future of Student Council

Students and staff discuss the future of Student Council.


Hannah Bishop, Editor

With the reign of COVID-19 having no end in sight, extracurriculars at PLHS are doing their best to find a new “normal”.  Student Council is just one of the organizations trying to conduct meetings in a safe, practical way.  

The faculty members in charge of the Student Council are still in the process of discussing the future of the club this year.

“We are still in discussion with that, we think that we are going to set up a Google classroom and it’s going to have to be more of postings, discussion,” Mrs. Margaret Skradski said.  

Members used to meet in Mrs. Kimball’s room and conduct their meetings there with the supervision of supervisor Mrs. Kimball and assistant Mrs. Skradski.  

“Opening up discussion (on Google classroom) for Student Council members, because we have so many people it’s really difficult to meet,” Skradski said.  “When we do need to meet in person auditorium settings or things like that.” 

In order to minimize the crowding of large groups in the morning, students are being held in one of two spots, the cafeteria and the south gym.   

“We talked about doing virtual meetings,” senior Grace Khayati said.  “That way we could still meet and talk about ideas for later in the year or ideas that we have where we could be socially distanced.” 

With the circumstances surrounding COVID-19, it’s no surprise that the homecoming dance has been cancelled.  Student Council is trying to make it special despite not actually having a dance.   

“We’re going to make it as good of an experience as we can,” Skradski said.  “So we hope to be able to do some decorations, still have spirit week, still have coronation and try to do as much as we can for homecoming.” 

Since the cancellation of the Homecoming dance was announced on the Aug. 29, members of Student Council have been focusing on what to do throughout the year while following district guidelines.

“We obviously can’t set up for the dance, because we won’t be having the dance.  We usually go to the elementary schools and read to them, but I don’t know that we’ll be able to do that since outside visitors aren’t allowed,” Khayati said.

Students join Student Council to give back to their school and community, and while the future is unknown staff members like Mrs. Skradski and officers like Grace Khayati are doing their best to find a way for members to do so.