Covid-19 Monarchs-0

Student athletes discuss how COVID-19 has impacted their Fall sports season.


Audriana Niemeyer

Seth Obermeyer gets ready to snap the ball against the Titans. Monarchs won that night 40-11.

Lily Ziebarth, Entertainment Editor

COVID-19 entered our world and changed it drastically. First we all took it as a joke saying if anyone would cough, people would point out and say “RONA”! Now after school got cut short in the middle of March, it took a toll on everyone. COVID-19 was affecting sports, jobs, and livelihoods. Since then the CDC made requirements for everyone and schools have opened up. 

Ever since schools opened up the NSAA needed to make a decision whether sports could happen or not. They have a set of guidelines they have to go by. For example, they can’t shake hands with the other opponents and clean all the equipment to stay safe.

For some people, COVID-19 has impacted them hugely. Some club sports had their season cut too soon.

“Covid ended our volleyball club season early last March so we were unable to finish the season how we wanted to at a qualifier,”a sophomore, Kenna Parr, a Libero on Reserve Volleyball said.

During the Summer, Fall athletes had the opportunity to still do summer workouts, but they had to do it under some conditions.

“They had to split us into two different groups so there weren’t as many people in one area and after we were done lifting or practicing we had to clean everything off,” Parr said.

In order for sports to continue on, the NSAA and schools had to make guidelines for student athletes and coaches this Fall season.

“A new thing we have to do this year is that we have masks we put over our faces when we are close together, we have to bring our own water, and we try to spread out as much as possible to stay safe,” a sophomore, Hunter Foral, an Offensive Linemen/ Middle Linebacker on Varsity Football said.

Student athletes would like to play their full season and not have to get quarantined or have their season cut short.

“We all want to play and would all like to have our season so we follow all the rules in order for that to happen,” Foral said.

This season the NSAA “banned” students from going to fall sports. Only the cheerleaders, dancers, band, color guard, and parents get to go to some of the games.

“It’s a little weird not having a student section but it’s not terrible, we still get to play and that’s all that matters,” Foral said. 

Student athletes are not going to let COVID-19 ruin their Fall sports season and chance of winning Metros, Districts, and possibly State. Even if it takes sweating in a mask every practice and game, social distancing, and having no student section, they’ll play no matter what.