New Team, Same Beast

NFL fullback Andy Janovich looks to have a successful year with his new team.


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Andy Janovich rumbles his way to a 55 yard touchdown in a game back in 2015. Janovich finished his Husker career with 265 yards and three touchdowns.

Anthony Rubek, Sports Editor

After months of uncertainty, the NFL is finally back. Many players head into the year with unique stories about how they got to this point. One of the most special stories revolves around the new fullback in Cleveland.

Cleveland Browns fullback Andy Janovich looks to have a successful season after an eventful offseason. 

Janovich spent his first four seasons in Denver, but this offseason he was traded to Cleveland for a 2021 seventh round pick. This move shocked a lot of people as just months prior, the Broncos signed Janovich to a three year extension.

“My first reaction was this kinda sucks,” Janovich said. “We had just bought a house and now we had to pack all our stuff up and move out.”

While adjusting to a new team may be a difficult process, for Janovich, it was pretty easy learning the new schemes.

“I’ve been in a couple systems like this before,” Janovich said. “It’s like getting back on the bicycle, once you’ve done it, you can always do it.”

Janovich has established himself as one of the league’s top fullbacks. However, the fullback position is fading away from the game. According to, just 14 out of the 32 NFL teams have a fullback signed to a multi-year deal.

“There’s less competition but also less teams that use them,” Janovich said. “It’s got its ups and downs.”

Janovich has also proved himself to be a force on special teams, even serving as a special teams captain for the Broncos in 2018.

“I’m usually going up against guys a lot more faster than me so I gotta learn how to use different techniques and be smart about what I do,” Janovich said. “It’s a little bit more different than playing fullback but it’s something that I enjoy and I like it.”

Injuries have heavily impacted Janovich’s career with two of his four seasons ending early due to injury including last season where he dislocated his elbow.

“You want to be out there playing and working out and just doing what you’re used to doing and injuries set you back,” Janovich said. “You’re miserable for a while but you just keep working hard and once you get back to normal again you’ll forget about it.”

Many players have goals for their careers and Janovich is no exception with his being to play as long as he can.

“Just stay healthy and make Pro Bowls so people [NFL teams] want you more,” Janovich said.

After a crazy offseason, Andy Janovich is ready to make his mark for his new team and continue on this special season.