Season Endings

Senior varsity football player Brady Dumont is out the rest of the football season due to an injury.


Brady Dumont on the sideline with his team after the injury.

Ellie Beiser

The last season of a high school sport is one that leaves a lasting impression. After enduring challenges and building a strong team, this impression is not only remembered by teammates and coaches, but by one’s self.

With a senior varsity football season cut short, Brady Dumont is staying as positive as possible, even with a broken elbow.

“When it happened I didn’t think I was going to be out for the rest of the season,” Dumont said. “I just thought maybe a few games. After all, it didn’t hurt that much.”

Nevertheless tests and results confirmed the break in his elbow on his ulna bone. Not only did his football season come to a halt, but the question of being able to participate in other sports became very valid.

“When I got the MRI results back, I figured they weren’t going to be good, but I was still optimistic, of course,” Dumont said. “I was even more disappointed when [they] came because that means I’m out longer and I have to miss some, if not most of the swim season.”

However, even with this injury, the positivity continues for Dumont when it comes to his upcoming seasons.

“I should be back for some of the swim season, it just depends on how well I recover,” Dumont said. “But, I will be back for the whole track season.”

With the swim season still months away, the time once consumed by repetitive drills, will be spent elsewhere.

“I’ll still go to games and practices, but now I’ll be there to support my teammates more, rather than just playing with them,” Dumont said. “I’m happy I got to play three games and still be a part of the team, but as of right now I’m looking forward to the future; supporting my team and trying to get as healthy as soon as possible for swim season.”

The senior season will remain a significant part of an athlete’s high school sports career. And while the championship game will be remembered, the last seconds of play, what leaves the lasting impression is the athlete themselves and how they choose to overcome their challenges.