Starbucks Drink Review

Two of the biggest companies allow people to create new drinks everyone can try

OPINION BY Jenaya Boose, Staff writer

Starbucks and TikTok. Two extremely popular things in the world today. It was only a matter of time before the two were going to mix. Many TikTok videos feature new and interesting ways to enjoy Starbucks drinks, from adding fruit to adding various flavors. The real question is are they worth trying? Today, I’m going to be tasting four of the most popular Starbucks drinks from TikTok. 

First up, the strawberry acai refresher. This drink is perfect for those who don’t enjoy coffee. Extra fruit adds more flavor to the beverage and overall is worth the five dollars. I finished this drink and immediately found myself craving more. TikTok didn’t lie about how good of a drink this was. I found it to be a very satisfying drink, perfect for a hot summer day.

The next drink I tried was the oreo chocolate chip frappe. At first glance, it doesn’t appear to be anything special. If you really like chocolate or have a sweet tooth, this drink is definitely up your ally. Personally, I don’t like overly sweet things so I didn’t enjoy this drink, but I can see how someone might like it. It’s not bad, but it would be much easier to just order the regular drink.

The third beverage I tried was the strawberry cheesecake frappuccino. Based on first impressions, it looks like a melted strawberry cheesecake in a Starbucks cup, but it sure doesn’t taste like one. I preferred this above the oreo chocolate chip frappe. Visually, it’s very appealing to the eyes, I just wish it tasted as good as it looks.

I tried the infamous pink drink, but with a twist. I cannot stress how bad this drink was. It tasted like a healthy drink one might order when on a diet, but with caffeine blended into it. I would not recommend getting this “amazing twist” for your pink drink, just get the regular one. TikTok had to fail at some point, and this drink is it. A miss in my books, I was told that this drink can be used for keto diets so if you’re on one and still crave Starbucks, you could give it a try.

Based on my experience, the strawberry acai refresher was the best and worth every cent. TikTok didn’t completely miss the mark but they definitely hyped up the drinks a little too much. Not every drink was worth it in my opinion, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying them out.