Serving up Coffee


Hailey Christensen

Early mornings, the scent of warm coffee in the air, creating such a comforting atmosphere. Working at a coffee shop is a common job for many teens here at school. 

Senior Alex Crane is just one of the students who work at a coffee shop.

Crane is currently working at Scooter’s Coffee, and she finds this job very enjoyable.

“Working at a coffee shop is really fun,” Crane said “My coworkers are very nice, and I like talking to the customers”.

Like many other students Crane is balancing a busy work schedule while still being in school. 

“I typically work three days during the school week, and have early morning shifts on the weekends,” Crane said.

Although having to work early in the morning isn’t the most fun for some people, there are many other factors to this job that are pretty great.

“My boss is really nice and allows us to get a free drink each shift, and we can also get a discount whenever we are not working,” Crane said.

Another student that works at a coffee shop is junior Micheala Leonard.

Leonard recently started working at Scooter’s and is loving it so far.

“It’s super exciting and fast paced, I love working here because it challenges me to be fast and accurate,” Leonard said.

Over time she has found many things that she looks forward to while working.

“My favorite part about working is that I get to serve the community,” Leonard said, “seeing the joy on customers faces means I’m not just serving coffee but a smile,”.

 While working at Scooter’s Leonard has had to remember many recipes, some of which are not just for humans.

“I love making pup cups, giving the customers pups a treat is definitely one of my favorite things I get to do,” Leonard said

Overall working at a coffee shop for these girls has been a great experience. With getting good discounts, amazing customers, and fun coworkers, It seems like a great job for students.