MCU Strikes Again with ‘WandaVision’

Hope Von Dorn, writer

Wanda Maximoff is one of the most powerful human beings in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). She has been through so much during her lifetime. She watched Vision, who she loved the most, die right in front of her. Pietro, Wanda’s twin, was killed by the person she trusted the most. This was really difficult for Wanda because Pietro was the only family Wanda had left. These situations justified her mental breakdown and she dreamed of living with her family where they couldn’t be harmed.

WandaVision is a series that starts with two main protagonists, Wanda and Vision. Vision is another element of this series, but we really don’t know how he is alive. Vision looks alive and well in the episode of WandaVision, which is very concerning. The last time Vision was shown in the MCU, Thanos was taking the mind stone out of his body, killing him in Wanda’s presence.

  Later, viewers find them in a 1950s sitcom-like era, with Wanda and Vision married and living together in a town called Westview. This all seems abnormal when Vision and Wanda brush over the fact that they can’t remember what they did before they came to Westview. Things start to become alarming. 

Later on in the series, we find out that Wanda is in control of this alternate reality and is taking over the town of Westview with the residents of the town still inside it. The reality she has made is basically a tv show of her life throughout the year of the 1950s to 2010s sitcoms. 

They find this out when the FBI and SWORD agents find out that she is the villain in this plotline and not the other way around. Vision has a problem with this, but at this moment in time, he can’t do anything about it because his life is tied to this reality. Wanda won’t stop until she gets the life that she wants and will do anything in her power to do so.  

This leaves the audience with an eye-opening moment when an Avenger is portrayed as the villain in the series, it makes the audience wonder if someone else is behind it. Hopefully, we will find what happens after she leaves reality, what consequences or loss she will have to face, and is the more ruthless being behind this reality in the next episodes to come.

New episodes of WandaVison come out every Friday on Disney Plus, there are two episodes left until the series finale airs on March 5.