The Takeaway


Allie P, Journalism 1 Student


The day was warm, the air was fresh, the sun was out, and the sky was clear. She laced her shoes tying them as tightly as she could. Taking her stance, she waited anxiously for her signal. “Set,” she lifted her body up, “BANG,” she took off sprinting. The crowd cheered loudly as she made it across the finish line taking 1st place. She let out a breath of relief, happier than ever that she was where she loved to be. 

At least, that’s what some of our PLHS track athletes had hoped for at the start of their 2020 spring season. When it had suddenly been taken away from them, it was a heartbreaker. It had been a let down to everyone, especially the upper class athletes. 

“It was sad because I didn’t get to have a season with my friends who were graduating,” Senior Track Athlete Natalie Plourde said. “I also lost a season of chances to get better and medal with my team.”

Although the shortened season became a disappointment to a lot of the older athletes, it also affected some younger students as well. 

“It was really frustrating,” Sophomore Pole Vaulter Kylei Morton said. “I was super excited to try something new and meet new people.” 

Missing out on something that they’ve enjoyed and anticipated for so long had to be devastating. It brought them back to where it all started. 

“I enjoyed track in middle school so I decided to continue,” Plourde said. “I’ve participated in track all of high school, this being my 4th year.”

Some athletes start with little experience, whereas others go in having previous knowledge that helps them succeed in their events.

“My coach recommended me to do pole vault because I am a cheerleader and I can better understand my body positioning,” Morton said. “My previous experience in gymnastics, cheer, and dance go hand in hand with pole vault.”

The 2020 season being taken away from the athletes didn’t discourage them, but only made them stronger. 

“I just want to push myself to be my best,” Morton said. “I want to face all of my fears because pole vault can be a scary event.”

The pandemic has taken away extreme amounts of things from everyone, especially students, and has made this year tough to go about normally. Nevertheless, students are prepared to fight whatever comes towards them this year, not allowing covid to ruin yet another opportunity that they have been given.