A ‘Smashing’ video game tournament


Cam H., Journalism 1 student


Most people know the video game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the basic yet complicated fighting system, the ever-growing number of fighters, but unknown to most, the members of the Monarch esports club always look forward to the next tournament.

The Feb. 26 tournament had new ideas such as an entry fee, prizes, and the use of random fighters by the competitors. But, as usual, Tavon came out on top in a close victory against Aaron Reisinger.

One crazy thing is that Staff Sponsor Joe Weiss didn’t come up with the idea of creating an esports club in the first place.

“It was the idea of graduated seniors who had posed the idea to multiple teachers. We sometimes hosted video game tournaments,” Weiss said. “And when I was in school I remember my friends talking about their Smash tournaments.”

The entry fee irritated some competitors and discouraged some to participate. However, Weiss is open to new tournament ideas.

“We like to play around with ideas,” Weiss said. “Not every tournament has the same rules, and this is the first time that I’m aware of this happening. It also tests the waters of how much people will like certain rule sets.”

Every parent has a favorite child, and Weiss is no exception at tournaments.

“I like to watch Tavon and Aaron. Tavon is by far the most skilled in our tournaments, and Aaron is very passionate and will get everyone energetic,” Weiss said.

Tavon Mitchell-Alexander, a regular in state Smash tournaments, also meets his match sometimes.

“I always look forward to fighting Skittles,” senior Tavon Mitchell-Alexander said. “He’s the best player in Nebraska. I either get absolutely stomped, or it’s really close.”

People might be on the fence about joining the esports club, others might not know what it really is, so Weiss specified.

“There is a misconception about what esports club actually is,” Weiss said. “It’s mainly a video game club, the esports competition is just a small aspect but it’s exciting when we do go against other people. If you like video games, join the discord because it’s a really chill place.”

“It’s fun to see the school get into stuff like this,” Mitchell-Alexander said. “And it’s more time to play Smash so I can’t complain.”