The Best of Boba

Omaha offers many boba tea shops that are all worth a visit.


Pictured are drinks from the popular boba shop Kung Fu Tea. To the left is mango green tea with mango jelly and to the right is the matcha milk cap with tapioca.

Nicole Perez, Staff Writer

For a delicious drink, some people decide to go for coffee, smoothies, or a frappuccino. Others decide to go for boba.

Boba tea, also known as bubble tea, is a tea based drink originating from Taiwan with chewy tapioca pearls.  The drink can also be customized with a variety of flavors and with other toppings, such as popping boba.

Around the Omaha-metro area, there are many boba shops that can fit to anyone’s liking. 

An Omaha favorite boba shop is Thirst Tea Cafe which is located in the heart of Midtown Crossing. Being one of the first bubble tea shops in Omaha, Thirst Tea provides a welcoming experience to all its customers. Their menu features various flavors of drinks and snacks, like onigiri. It also has comfortable seating for customers to relax and enjoy their time.

With over 250 locations across the United States, Kung Fu Tea is one of America’s favorite boba franchises, and Omaha, Nebraska is lucky enough to be home to one. Their menu features an assortment of beverages like milk tea, slushes, and espressos. They also have many topping options, like tapioca, popping bubbles, and jelly, that are customizable with any drink. Kung Fu Tea even offers seasonal drinks and collaborates with other popular brands like Hershey and KitKat. There is always something new to try every time you visit.

Poke Boba House is a small building located in downtown Omaha near the Old Market. With the many exciting stores located in the Old Market, Poke Boba House is definitely a stop to add to your next downtown visit. They offer many drink flavors ranging from fruity teas to sweet milk teas. Along with their many drinks, Poke Boba House also has a variety of snacks and delicious Hawaiian poke bowls. Poke Boba house has a wide selection of food where everyone can discover something that they will enjoy. 

On your next day out, be sure to try out some delicious boba.