The “That Girl” Trend

Students explain the trendy lifestyle of incorporating healthy habits into their routines to help better their mental and physical state.


Darshan Homeha, Staff Writer

She is not your average girl. She doesn’t wait for happiness to come to her or let negative aspects hold her down. She understands to become her best self, everything begins with her mindset and physical health. Looking at life with a positive point of view, She is known as “That Girl”. 

“That Girl” is someone who is working to improve her mindset, physical health, and appearance by adapting healthy and enjoyable habits into their lifestyle. This aesthetic, which means the concern or appreciation of beauty, has taken over For You Pages on Tik-Tok, youtube channels, and teenage girls’ Pinterest boards starting in the year 2020.

After having a whole year surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, some girls have decided to use this time to create the best version of themselves, and input some of the healthy habits in their newly found lifestyle.

“In January, I started working on myself, going to the gym, trying to get stuff done, because I didn’t really try that hard last year due to stress,” junior Kacie Coleman said. 

Although this lifestyle seems simple and fresh, having self-discipline as the base of a successful “That Girl” routine is essential.

“I wake up at 5am everyday and read my bible and journal,” senior Michaela Leonard said. “What I read each morning becomes the foundation of my day & helps me to keep a positive attitude towards everything.”

 Mental Health has been a big discussion for a couple of years. The “That Girl” lifestyle has done its best to change the negative mentality into a positive one by applying positive habits into an individual’s routine. Whether it’s going to the gym to be physically fit or reading books as a new hobby, it all depends on who you want to be.

“Being ‘that girl’ is all about improving yourself,” Leonard said. “ I live this lifestyle for myself, to make me feel better, and I do truly notice a difference in my mental health- it is so important to make yourself and your health the priority, not what others think of you.”

It seems that for some girls, 2021 has been deemed the year to make everything right starting with the mind, body, and soul.