Marvel ‘What If’- Altering Reality

An examination of Marvel’s new series ‘What If’ released as a Disney+ original where they reimagine significant events and explore alternate endings.


Danae Collver is a news staff writer

Danae Collver, Staff Writer

     New series that were released, such as ‘WandaVision’ and ‘Loki’, were met with excellent reviews and the same exuberant excitement. The setup for Phase 4 was looking promising. Much like ‘Endgame’, a spectacular package of the most cherished characters, fast paced comedy, and heartfelt scenes, these series also explored the concept of altering events, time travel, and the idea of alternate realities. With this new idea of different realities and the creation of a multiverse with an infinite amount of possibilities, creators were inspired. 

        That’s where  ‘What If…’ comes in, the newest Marvel addition released as an original Disney+ series where significant and noteworthy events in the MCU are reimagined. The talented cast returns to voice act and reprise their roles for these characters with the likes of Chadwick Boseman, Chris Hemsworth, Samuel L. Jackson, Tom Hiddleston and so many more. Within this series, important occurrences will unfold differently due to a slight change or conflict that reshapes events in time completely.

       The first episode follows the virtuous and patriotic Steve Rogers and “what if” Peggy Carter actually became Captain America instead of him. Rogers becomes injured and is unable to complete the experiment conducted by Howard Stark. Peggy demands to get the serum injected in his place and stands her ground against the relentless orders for her to leave. He caves and Peggy is injected with the strengthening serum, becoming the first super soldier. 

           Steve stands in as her sidekick and during the train sequence Rogers falls off the train instead of Bucky Barnes, implying that he does not go on to become the infamous Winter Soldier. Much like Steve, in the end she sacrifices herself by pushing back the “champion of hydra” into a space portal where she finds herself in the modern world. 

         This episode was definitely interesting and I enjoyed the new perspective of a female Captain America defying misogyny during that time period. Peggy is by no means my favorite character so I was not as amused, but I’d give it a watch nonetheless.

         The second episode follows T’Challa (Black Panther) and “what if” he became Star Lord instead of the quick witted, immature Peter Quill. If fans should tune into any episode, it’s this one. Unfortunately, the extremely talented and lovable Chadwick Boseman passed away due to cancer, but before his passing, he voice acted for the series and fans are overjoyed. 

        In this episode T’Challa is captured by Yondu and his space pirates instead of Quill, making him the new, iconic galaxy outlaw. They detected Wakanda as the most advanced place on earth and only assumed that Quill would reside there. Yondu ditches his original mission and takes T’Challa under his wing, forming the Ravagers who do good and defeat villains. Thanos has been turned good by their band of heroes and Nebula is light-hearted and kind, sporting gorgeous blonde hair.

         This episode definitely changed the game for the series, if viewers weren’t already hooked by the 1st episode they will be now. Chadwick’s performance is phenomenal and completes the playful demeanor of Star Lord and leaves a positive influence in the galaxy. This episode was by far my favorite of the bunch and really explores the endless possibilities in the MCU.

        The 3rd episode defies expectations and instead of swapping who found themselves as a new hero, it explores the idea of the Avengers never existing. The entire episode revolves around a murder mystery, with Hope’s father Hank Pym (A superhero scientist who has similar powers to ant man) going off the deep end and killing various Avengers before Loki defeats him and takes over the Earth. Fury hopes he can get Captain Marvel and Captain America’s help to defeat Loki someday, and maybe that will be explored if a season two ensues.

        This episode really opened the door for the unexpected, and took a huge leap into the deep end. Though not all of the original actors returned to voice their roles, it was refreshing to see a bountiful amount of heroes and such a unique twist. The next episode comes out on September 1st and fans are eager to see how they up the game in this unique series.