Plexiglass Free Lunches

PLHS returns to lunches without plexiglass for the new school year.


Izzy Gerharter

PLHS Students at lunch without plexiglass.

Izzy Gerharter, Staff Writer

With the start of the 2021-2022 school year, PLHS has returned to its PlexiGlass free lunches. Now being able to socialize with one another, students are being shown a glimpse of normalcy during their lunch hours. 

Not only were students faced with a year full of new challenges, they were introduced to a new covid protocol last year. While the Plexiglass may have positively impacted the high school’s covid numbers, it also impacted how students communicated with each other.

“Just not being able to talk to your friends when it’s our time to socialize,” sophomore Sage Williams said.

Looking at the bright side was something that many students struggled with during the previous school year. 

“It felt very distant,” Williams said. “And it was hard to hear.”

With the recent re-institution of mask wearing at the school, there are chances of Plexiglass making its return. When asked their opinions on the chances of the plastic dividers making a comeback, many showed disappointment and dissaproval.

“I would be very disappointed because a lot of us did everything we could, like getting vaccinated and wearing masks,” Williams said.

Countless students value their lunch hours, which is one of their few times during the school day where they get to freely talk to their peers.

“I would feel miserable if plexiglass got reinstated.” sophomore Alexis Hoang said.

What could the school do differently this year to control covid? Nearly all of the high school’s covid protocols that were implemented last year have been reversed. But with the new variant many are coming back, including mask mandates. 

 “The school did everything it could last year,” Williams said.

With many mixed opinions on the infamous plexiglass, students are glad to be back to normal lunches… even if its temporary. Socializing is a major part of the high school experience, but will the dividers make their comeback this year?