The Old School Way

The Monarch football team wins 28-26 against Papio South for the second year in a row.


Nathaniel Ryck

Senior offensive guard, Carson Vejvoda, blocks a Titans defender. Papio won 28-26 over their cross town rivals.

Friday Night Lights, it’s what most people look forward to in the fall sports season. After last year with COVID-19 causing people to not be able to go to sporting events, everything seems like it’s back to normal. Friday, Aug. 27, the rivalry game between Papio and Papio South was going on. 

Papio was trailing at the half 0-20, but right after halftime their mentality changed causing them to score four touchdowns winning by two points, 28-26.

Williams Wackos student section for sure shut Papio South’s Black Hole student section up when the touchdowns started rolling in.

“In the first half they were a little quiet,” junior cornerback Christian Fuentes said. “Definitely in the second half they really turned everything up and brought everyone up.”

Being down 0-20 can either sike you out or push you to not give up and give it your all. The coaches, student section, and players came out in the second half as a family helping each other to pull off the 28-26 win.

“I think being down by 20 really just brought the team together,” senior linebacker Hunter Foral said. “In the second half we started playing and working together as a team.”

As a whole the football team came together and proved who runs Papillion. Everyone on the football team contributed to that but could not have done that without their senior quarterback Nick Chanez.

“Nick Chanez had a hell of a game, he played really good, and really brought the offense together,” Foral said. “He made a bunch of passes that wouldn’t have been made if he didn’t do the things that he did.”

Behind that, the plays that happen during the game can hype you, the team, the stands, and the coaches.

“When I tipped the ball on-I don’t even know who it was-they were running a vert and I just tipped it,” Fuentes said.

As the season goes on, there is always room for improvement and they can’t be satisfied just by one game. Every practice and game counts once it starts hitting playoffs time.

“Starting in the first half and actually playing because we were down by 20 and had to comeback,” Foral said. “Starting in the first I don’t think that would have happened.”

As the season continues, there are a lot more things to be excited about. Competing at a higher level against other competitive schools can get a team ready for anything.

“Playing other good schools that are top contenders is going to be exciting and making it to the playoffs,” Fuentes said.

After the first week, the football team is 1-0 and hopes to carry this momentum over to the next couple of weeks.