Papio Purls & Chains Returns for the School Year

Papio Purls & Chains brings students together to share their passion for crocheting and knitting.


Mrs. Audrey Jarvis teaches a student how to crochet.

Snow is falling from the sky as the holiday season rolls around. ‘Tis the season for gift giving and you are dreading the traditional knit sweater that would be coming from your grandparents this year.

Knitting and crocheting is commonly known as a hobby for the elderly, but has made a comeback in the younger generations. The hobby has flourished in the school, as many students have come into room 308 every week to learn and expand their abilities in crochet and/or knitting. 

Papio Purls & Chains, a club run by Mrs. Audrey Jarvis, began last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic wiping out Culinary Club. Every Thursday, students of PLHS gather to work on projects of their own and share their passion with each other.

“I joined crochet club when I was a junior at Bellevue East High School,” Jarvis said. “Then I came here and I thought ‘wait, we don’t have a crochet club?’”

Jarvis decided to bring this topic to the administration, who allowed her to make a knitting and crochet club, with hopes that students would show interest. The club, now known as Papio Purls & Chains, brought many students from all skill levels into room 308.

“I like to sew, which is in the same field as crocheting,” freshman Analiesa Hughes said. “However, with crocheting you can do a lot of different things.”

Hughes is new to crocheting and came to the club to expand her horizon and increase her crocheting abilities. Other students come in to work on projects and talk about their passion with other students.

“I started to make a Winnie the Pooh outfit for my nephew when he was born,” senior Emily Wood said. “It was really cute but I didn’t finish it even though I was really close.”

Like Wood, many members of Papio Purls & Chains have projects they have made that they are passionate about. 

“I like to crochet because it brings smiles,” senior Grace Taylor said. “I made an almost life-sized Waddles from “Gravity Falls” for my sister’s birthday.”

Papio Purls & Chains is group of students who can express themselves through yarn, needles, and hooks. Students are grouping together to make hats for babies this winter.