Abby’s Corner Continues Downtown Papio’s Appeal

New thrift store Abby’s Corner opens up in downtown Papillion.


Alyssa Cage

Outside view of Abby’s Corner on 138 N Washington St

Alyssa Cage, Staff Writer

Papillion has been around for 150 years and has been known for its many stores located downtown next to the Sump Memorial Library. Since the beginning, there have always been fun stores where you can buy clothes or books, there even used to be a guitar center. As of recent years, there have been many changes to that area, including the new thrift store Abby’s Corner.

Thrifting has been a big thing these past few years and this new thrift store is the perfect new addition to Papillion. There is a wide variety of clothes and other things and has a very welcoming atmosphere and lively crew. It is a fun new experience for people who  like to thrift.

“I first went to Abby’s Corner on August 6th with my friends,” sophomore Kileigh Wirth said. “And my goal when I went in was to find cute clothes or jewelry.”

Abby’s Corner contains a wide variety of random things, as most thrift stores do, and has many other things you might be surprised to find.

“The store had a tool section, men’s clothing, women’s clothing,” Wirth said. “And also jewelry.”

Even though some people may not know exactly what the thrift store will contain, many people have an idea of what they are looking for before going in. Some people have a specific color or a specific brand, some have a specific era in time that they like to follow when looking for clothes.

“I look for anything that has earthy tones,” Sophomore Alyvia Ross said. “I also like retro clothes or anything that looks cool.”

Abby’s Corner, like many other thrift stores, has to add their own tags to their clothes, and the owners make cute tags with a special twist.

“The store has an interesting policy where you bring in an old tag and then you get 10% off your next purchase.” Wirth said.

Many people have had a good experience at this store and it is a great store in addition to the other thrift stores here in Papillion.

“The store is really swaggy,” Ross said. “I would definitely go back for my Homecoming dress.”

From the amazing customer service to the great variety of items, Abby’s Corner is a great place to shop at and anyone who enjoys thrift shopping or saving money should definitely take a look at this store.

“The workers were really nice and funny,” Wirth said. “Everyone was friendly and the store had a good layout. 10/10.”