Masking Up Again

Mask usage is back on the rise both in and out of school.


Avery Delwiche

Students put their masks back on after a week of freedom.

Avery Delwiche

2020 came with its own fair share of hardships. First COVID-19 hit, causing millions of people to lose their jobs and even loved ones. Then, the whole world was locked down. Everyone was in quarantine, and if you went out, masks were required.

When the 2020-21 school year began, many people had to go online and couldn’t go in person. Papillion La Vista Community Schools was a lucky district and got to go back in person. By the end of the school year, vaccines were coming out and case numbers were dropping.

Then another school year started, and now we’re going back to what 2020 was like.

More and more places are starting to require or recommend masks again because another outbreak is occurring. Different variants are starting to pop up and this pandemic is putting more and more people in hospitals.

“Most places I visit are at least recommending them again and more are starting to require masks,” sophomore Sandhra Jose said.

People are split down the middle on these rising mandates and have differing opinions. Some are beginning to protest the mandates, while others understand the need. 

“I 100% support it and think it will help keep the cases down and keep us in school,” sophomore Caroline Carrico said.

Other people may not agree with masks, but understand that it is necessary to protect people from getting sick.

“I don’t like wearing a mask,” Jose said. “But I know it will keep me, my family, and my friends safe so I will obviously wear one.”

Countless families are being torn apart by this virus and social media is really affecting how some people feel about masks and COVID-19 itself. Requiring masks is causing an uproar online over freedoms being taken away.

“If you look online, many people are against it,” Jose said, “It’s scary to see what some people are saying.”

The coronavirus is taking over the world, yet again, and bringing everyone back to 2020. Returning mask mandates are becoming an immense source of conflict and more tribulations are returning.