A Chapter to Remember

Without lasts years group of seniors this years class is stepping up to the plate and taking on multiple roles.


senior Eden Ford is awaiting a throw to second base from the catcher.

Makenzy Povich, Sports Editor

A legacy that will last a lifetime has yet to end. The dedication has not gone unnoticed, and with a huge loss of one of the best classes to ever come through Papillion La-Vista High School the next journey is awaiting.

The class of 22 seniors have some big shoes to fill after last year’s graduate class. With a perfect season last year, the Papillion La-Vista softball team has high hopes to be almost as successful as last season even without most of their returners.

“The atmosphere is way different. There is way more adversity than ever before but it feels as though our team is closer,” senior Eden Ford said. “With all the negativity we have faced in the past few weeks it brings our team closer and more fired up to win as a team and not just one person.”

It is hard to fill shoes in a spot where some are not as comfortable, but some make the best of it. Without having the leadership roles that there have been in the past, many have to step up and do what is needed to make the team just as successful as before.

“I personally need to be the leader. I need to be there to help girls get through hard practices and bring positivity when sometimes there is none,” Ford said. “But, I also have to keep the girls on their toes because if they are not ready to play we will get a loss handed to us every game.”

Even without last year’s group of seniors this bunch of seniors are pushing their teammates just as much as they are pushing themselves. They are not taking no for an answer and are striving to be the best.

“It feels like a huge responsibility [to be the leader].” Ford said. “As a senior you take almost all the responsibility on how the team rolls. But, I feel honored to be named a captain and help the girls better themselves everyday and prove everyone who is doubting us wrong.”

Some people feel pressure when losing a bunch of people that led the team, but others have the grit and determination to show what they have instored. Many step up with confidence and fate that they are moving in the right direction. 

“There is definitely more pressure now that I am out on the field and not watching from the dugout,” Ford said. “But, at the same time I feel like I’ve taken enough reps and know all the plays that there is no need to feel pressure. Along with the win streak being out of the picture there is a huge weight off of our shoulders and now all we care about is playing for each other.”

This year’s group of seniors have put the work and effort into making this one of their best years yet. With all the hard work and dedication that they brought to the weight room this summer, they have a long season ahead of them.