Local Korean Flare

Mahalo Poke is a local Asian styled restaurant that provides a unique experience to everyone that chooses to eat there.

Sam Mueggenberg, Assistant Editor-In-Chief

Throughout the Omaha metropolitan area, there are a few Asian cuisine restaurants available to public use.  However, there is one hidden gem called “Mahalo Poke” that many students should stop by on 6920 Pacific Street in Omaha if they want a unique experience.

Mahalo Poke is a local family-owned restaurant that incorporates themes of Hawaiian food mixed in with “Korean flare.”  There are many dishes that are either for students who would like to venture towards foreign foods, and for students that have grown up with Korean/Hawaiian meals in their household.  

For example, some of Mahalo’s signature Poke bowls include the Mahalo House, Island Classic, and Volcano Fire.  Some of these dishes include ingredients such as rice, tuna, avocado, cucumber, scallions and shrimp.  Meanwhile, the Korean dishes include the following:  Bulgogi (beef and pork), bibimbap, and the option to build your own Korean bowl.  These two dishes use ingredients such as rice, Korean beef/pork, scallions and other savory vegetables.  

Beef bulgogi is one of their most popular dishes.  This dish is made with fresh marinated Korean beef, scallions, carrots, and lettuce.  Though these flavors may be unique on their own, when combined they blend into one savory united flavor.  

While enjoying a delicious foreign entree, there are many foreign and local refreshing beverages available.  One of their most popular drinks is their Hibiscus lemonade.  The lemonade can be seen with a blend of red and pink that fade into each other.  The drink has a sweet taste, and has the taste of a fresh tropical beach.  Not only are the items on the menu incredible, the environment is just as enjoyable.  The tables are Asian inspired with a smooth white wooden finish.  The walls are decorated with many Korean and Hawaiian souvenirs/decorations that compliment the true foreign beauty of this restaurant.  However, the most popular attraction that Mahalo Poke incorporates is their flower backdrop that can be used for some aesthetic instagram pictures.  

Even though there are a few Asian restaurants that are in the metropolitan area, Mahalo Poke should be considered above many others.  Their stellar meals, and beautiful scenery make this restaurant a gem in Omaha.  With over 100 positive reviews, Mahalo Poke is rated 4.9/5 stars on Google.