Film Flicks

Grab your popcorn! A new club has started up at PLHS!


Emily Schmid, Staff Writer

Film critics and review columns in articles are always quick to spread the word about the latest movies that film studios push out throughout the year. Producers, directors, costume designers, set designers, and actors put blood, sweat, and tears into a film that is on a weighing pedestal: will it rise or fall? It all comes down to how the viewers perceive the movie.

At PLHS, a new club has been produced to spark the interest of students who have fallen in love with different categories of film and the people behind them. The Film Club sought members who are passionate about their opinions on the latest or the timeless classics. The club is sponsored by Ms. Molly Grasso, with senior Julissa Gamon and junior Dannika Rees as the co-founders and co-presidents. 

“I just really love movies, especially during award seasons,” Rees said. Televised award ceremonies for different movie genres are also what drags in the film critics for Film Club.

“[We] were thinking, ‘Hey, we should turn this into a club,’” Rees said. The club will allow students who are big movie fans to engage in arguments over their personal movie opinions and also express themselves through topics regarding their favorite genres of movies. 

After finding their sponsor and setting up a meeting time, every Thursday after school, the club was ready to welcome in it’s new members.

“I feel like Film Clubs are a common thing at a lot of other schools, but we just don’t have it here.” Gamon said. New clubs are popping up all over PLHS this school year and it was only a matter of time before a Film Club joined the array of other extracurriculars and clubs.

“There’s always new movies coming out and everything is always changing in the industry, so there is always something new to talk about.” Gamon said. 

The topic of discussions in the club consist of recommendations of new trailers to watch for upcoming movies, going into depth on the cinematography, and debating opinions of different club members. 

“Coming up on award season we are going to make ‘brackets’ or predictions to see who can get the most right of who will win what, especially during the Oscars,” Rees said. Just like a lot of sports fans who create brackets for March Madness, Film Club will be sharing their inputs as to who should win what award and why. 

Film Club is also an opportunity for students interested to major in film, acting, or anything that allows them to learn more about the industry. 

“[We] have a lot of people in our club who make films,” Rees said. Students across the country who are interested in making films are able to submit them to festivals for awards or scholarships, and Film Club wants to help prepare members for such.

“[We] want to keep entering festivals and we are going to submit a film soon for the International Thespian Society festival.” Rees said. The festival will also be attended by members of the ITS Drama Club.

Though the club is new, it is growing in numbers and finding more opportunities or activities for members. 

“[I] hope it expands and spreads the word to keep it alive at PLHS,” Gamon said. Rees will still host the club as a senior next school year, after Gamon graduates, to continue to pass down the club to other members.

With new movies comes new critics, new opinions, and more fans to fall in love with the actors and cinematography of the movie industry; there is always something new to bring to the table now that Film Club is up and running. Who knows? Give it enough time and the club could be talking about the directors, producers, and actors that all came from Papillion LaVista’s Film Club.