Volunteering Opportunities


Izzy Gerharter, Staff Writer

With students looking for new opportunities, and easy ways to benefit their community, volunteering has always been one of the most popular options. It’s convenient, students get to help people or organizations in need, and there are some benefits such as scholarships and things to add to a resume. 

The importance of volunteering and helping others is often overlooked with many students though. For example, many statistics show that the younger generations are less likely to volunteer. Unlike those students, PLHS sophomore Sage Williams has been taking the initiative to volunteer at the local retirement home, Hillcrest Mable Rose ever since June of 2021.

“I try to do it every other Sunday, and next month I will do it a couple of times.” Williams said.

Making a point to volunteer monthly, has shown great improvements. Not only should students be volunteering with their own benefit in mind, but the community and citizens benefit greatly from helping out.

“For sure, definitely gain better communication skills, and you can become a better conversationalist because of it,” Williams said.

With COVID-19 negatively impacting so many lives, helping out her community brought a little bit of light back in.

“What inspired me was during the pandemic things got slow,” Williams said. “I just wanted to pick up some new things. Just making my schedule busier.”

Not only does helping out around town benefit others, but it can also benefit how students feel about themselves.

“I just feel better about myself in the end knowing that I helped people out and made their day better,” Williams said. “Just giving them something to look forward to.”

Although the main focus of volunteering is helping others, there are major self benefits such as scholarships and can be a deciding factor that helps get into organizations such as the National Honor Society.

“Yes and I believe that there are scholarships that go with it so definitely.” Williams said.

In the end, volunteering does nothing but benefit our community. So hopefully taking just a couple hours out of your day can be put towards something that will positively impact somebody in your community.