Latino Summit

Latino Summit gives opportunities for Hispanic and Latino students.


Senior Chris Lopez wins the Jesusita and Santos Courage & Fortitude Scholarship.

On October 12, Hispanic and Latino students at PLHS had the opportunity to attend the Latino Summit in Columbus, Nebraska.

This summit gives these students from Nebraska high schools the chance to explore career paths and reflect on the experiences of other Latinos and Hispanics on their journey through life.

“I learned that there are so many opportunities for Latinos/ Hispanics. We just have to set our mind to it,” senior Chris Lopez said. “I learned that I should be proud of my roots and background, and I am.”

Due to the fact that everyone there was Hispanic/Latino, no one felt out of place.

“It felt welcoming. It felt like a place where no one could judge you for speaking Spanish,” Lopez said. “We all had a bond through Spanish music that they played there like if it was a Quiceñera party or any other festive party.”

At this summit, some students were awarded with the Jesusita and Santos Courage & Fortitude Scholarship. After submitting an application and writing an essay, Lopez was one of 10 winners awarded with 1000 dollars.

“When they were announcing names my heart was beating so fast and when they finally announced my name I think my heart skipped a beat,” Lopez said. “I was so speechless and shocked. They awarded 10 scholarships in total and to be one of them is amazing.”

Winning this scholarship is not only an honor to Lopez, but it can inspire the other Hispanic and Latino students throughout PLHS and  the community.

“I just want to say thank you to all my teachers that have and still believe in me, like Ms. Darling,” Lopez said. “I also want to say to my fellow Latino/ Hispanic community to be proud of who they are and that they can achieve everything that they desire.”

Opportunities like these can empower the minority students at PLHS and allow them to embrace their culture.