Live Music is Back

iDKHOW performs at the Slowdown while creating a memorable experience for all.


Lead singer Dallon Weekes of iDKHOW performs “Door” off their album “Razzmatazz.”

Alex Gryczanowski, Features Editor

Before the pandemic hit, going to a concert was a fun event for fans worldwide. People traveled from other states, waited in line for hours no matter what the weather was, and spent hours getting ready to see some of their favorite artists perform live.

Now the experience is finally back. After over a year of the lights being out on music venues, live music has returned… with a few restrictions of course.

I Don’t Know How But They Found Me (iDKHOW), indie/alternative band, returned to Nebraska after over two years, as their last show here was in June 2019. After their album, “Razzmatazz,” released in October 2020, they were unable to go on tour due to COVID-19. Now they’re back on the road with the Razzmatazzmatour.

On Saturday, November 6, iDKHOW performed at the Slowdown in Downtown Omaha with Benches as their opener. With songs like “Monodrama” and “It Doesn’t Have to Change” the audience enjoyed Benches and the band expressed their gratitude for the audience’s energy.

Next to perform was iDKHOW. Based on the audience’s enthusiasm for Benches, the hype for iDKHOW was even higher. The band opened with “Do It All The Time” from their EP, “1981 Extended Play” and continued the show with lots of energy and songs that riled up the crowd such as “Sugar Pills” and “Leave Me Alone” which come from “Razzmatazz.”

Lead singer/bass guitarist Dallon Weekes and drummer Ryan Seaman were extremely inclusive of their audience and involved them in many different activities. The most popular one being in “Visitation of the Ghost,” where Weekes splits the crowd in half and walks down the middle shouting chants for the crowd to repeat.

Though the band had a shorter set than usual, the show was enjoyable and worth the experience. This has been my second time seeing them in concert and this show was better than their last, especially with less songs than normal. Live music has returned and I could not be more happy.