A Time to Give Thanks

PLHS families get ready to come together and celebrate traditions on Thanksgiving.


Courtney Withers celebrates Thanksgiving with her nieces and nephews. They played football in the backyard to continue one of many family traditions.

Allie Plourde, Staff Writer

It’s 7:00 a.m. on a Thursday morning during your fall break. Suddenly, you wake up to the sound of a stove beeping and chaos ensuing. You walk downstairs to your kitchen where it’s a complete mess as your parents are frantically throwing things in crock pots while at the same time gutting a turkey in the sink. You guessed it; it’s thanksgiving. 

Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated by several families at PLHS. It is a time to give thanks, and celebrate the love that families have for one another. 

While Thanksgiving is known for expressing what you are thankful for, it is also known for the traditions that families celebrate each year on this special holiday. 

“A special tradition my family tries to continue is playing football,” junior Courtney Withers said. “Not everyone plays because most of the women just want to sit inside but it’s still fun anyways.”

Coming together to celebrate these traditions are not the only joyful part of Thanksgiving however. This holiday is also famously known for the abundance of food that is made on this exciting day. 

“My favorite part of Thanksgiving is probably the food,” Withers said. “My favorite food would have to be the cheesy potatoes.”

Potatoes are not the only popular food item on the menu though; there is plenty more to be passed around. 

“My favorite Thanksgiving food is the stuffing,” junior Maddie Baldwin said. “I get to travel to see my dad every year and he’s the best at making it.”

Besides the food shared, this holiday is also very good at giving families a chance to come together and join together in laughter and joy after a long year. 

“One thing I will be looking forward to this year for Thanksgiving is seeing my cousin,” Withers said. “I only ever see her at holiday gatherings so I’m really excited.”

Withers was not the only one who felt that Thanksgiving is one of the only times family can really join together in complete unison.

“I travel to Chicago every year to see my dad,” Baldwin said. “I love being surrounded by both sides of my family at one party and adding new members to our family each year.”

This Thanksgiving break is a needed downtime for families across PLHS to join together, celebrate traditions, eat good food, and most importantly celebrate each other. Be thankful everyone, after all, it is Thanksgiving.