Holiday Rush Hour

Teenagers that are working at clothing stores and grocery stores experience what it is like to work during the holiday season.


Hope Von Dorn

Aerie worker Mia Rathbun poses in her work attire that they are required to wear every day. She is wearing Aerie’s Weekend Pretty Back Sweatshirt and their Real Me Crossover Tennis Skirt.

Lily Ziebarth, Entertainment Editor

It is the holidays, and stores are filled with all the festivities and gifts for people to buy for their friends and family. You walk all throughout the mall and see Santa taking pictures with little kids and asking what they wish for Christmas. You move on and frantically walk throughout the store to find all the gifts that are on your list to buy for every friend and relative you have.

More teenagers are now working at clothing stores or grocery stores during the busiest time of the year. Senior Mia Rathbun currently works at Aerie in the Gretna Outlet Mall, and senior Michael Ulses works at Walmart.

Working during the holidays brings a lot of joy to some of the workers because of all the festivities around them.

“I like working holidays because there never seems to be a dull moment and you always seem to be doing something,” Rathbun said.

On the other hand, working during the holidays means that people can also miss out on important occasions.

“I don’t really like working during the holidays, because it takes time away from me spending time with my family,” Ulses said. “But at the same time I’m also making money,” 

It can get pretty hectic during the holidays when shoppers do last minute gift shopping.

“Most days are busier than they would be without it being a holiday season,” Rathbun said.

Working during the holiday seasons can become difficult with all of the commotion going on.

“When there’s an issue with a family trying to find certain items is when I get stressed,” Ulses said. “The more stressed I get from everything going on, the more snappy and annoyed I get.”

Teenagers make wish lists for their parents for Christmas to see what their child would want for the holidays.

“For Aerie, our cross over leggings are usually the most popular,” Rathbun said. “So much to the point where we can’t seem to keep them in stock.”

Occasionally, there are the crazy shoppers some stores get that will either be distraught or in a rush to find an item.

“A lot of the time crazy shoppers come in and they can be a little frantic but as long as you stay calm with them they tend to get a little less crazy,” Rathbun said.

To be prepared when the holidays hit, stores have to make sure all of their items are stocked up for people to buy.

“We have inventory every two weeks so we are always stocked up when holidays hit,” Ulses said. “I have to find the meat and produce manager to tell me what to do during my shift so I can get that all done.” 

Sometimes for people it is not ideal to work during the holidays but with all the festivities going on and people celebrating by going to stores to buy gifts and family meals, it will get your spirits in the holiday mood reminding you what that season is all about.