Black, White, and Read All Over

Reading makes a long awaited comeback amongst younger individuals.


Danae Collver is a news staff writer

Danae Collver, Staff Writer

Escape to another land while lounging in the comfort of your own home. Reading transports one’s mind and soul into tales of sword wielding heroes, mysterious adventures, heartwarming romance, and an array of other fiction and nonfiction stories.

 Despite its joyous attributes, reading had found itself lost in the pool of irrelevancy. Becoming a rather uncommon hobby, it seemed as though the activity of reading for pleasure was seen as odd or tiresome.

Years passed and luckily there was a sudden resurgence of reading in the last year or so. Lockdown was rough for many, but it might be one of the main contributors to the boom in reading and in bringing people together through that common interest. 

Many flocked to post book hauls and recommendations online, spreading the spark and interest for literature once more. Access to both physical and digital books is now easier than ever for all to happily consume.

TikTok has been a strong contender in helping people spread the word through such a large platform. A pocket of creators on the app dedicate entire pages to book related videos and content around reading. Books that were once left in the shadows became popularized through the app after being recommended countless times.

Though it seems silly to celebrate the comeback of reading, reading is a crucial building block to life. It provides an eclectic mix of genres that aids our mind in staying sharp and healthy. If reading for pure enjoyment simply died out, it puts creativity in danger and could potentially stunt imagination amongst individuals.

 I hope this love of reading is not just a craze and the passion for reading stays fueled. Let reading not just be an escape from reality, but a positive transformation of the mind and motivation to expand your imagination.