Papio Proud PLC Closet Drive

Papio Proud hosts a drive to bring inclusivity to the PLC Closet


Students drop off products for the hair drive.

Emma Leslie, News Editor

On Jan 31, Papio Proud began an all inclusive drive for the PLC Closet that will run through the end of February. They started this drive with the goal to collect more products aimed towards people with different hair and skin types.

While the PLC Closet is always accepting donations and hygiene drives have been done before, inclusivity and diverse products have not always been a stressed need.

“We have had drives for different clubs before but they didn’t really have products for curly hair or different skin types so we wanted to do a drive that focused on providing products for that,” junior Nyakera Kuek said.

Oftentimes, product drives are done to provide supplies to those in need, but when the products donated aren’t suitable for all hair and skin types it can leave out members of the community. This drive allows the PLC Closet to truly achieve their goal of providing basic needs for everyone.

“We don’t have discussions about how different communities have different needs in products,” Kuek said. “I hope this drive opens up conversations and discussions about the intersectionality of race and class because we as a society don’t really talk about those things.”

Kuek hopes that products become more inclusive and that this drive collects products that cater to all people.

While this drive is more focused on all inclusive products, they are collecting anything that is willing to be donated and are grateful for the donations that have come in so far. Papio Proud will continue in their mission to include and amplify the needs of marginalized people in the Papillion LaVista community.