Lifting To Success

PLHS sophomore Alexis Hoang lifts her way to success in her first season on the powerlifting team.


Kaylyn Billingsley

PLHS sophomore Alexis Hoang takes practices her squat

Izzy Gerharter, Staff Writer

Bench, Squat, Deadlift and more. Powerlifting has become an increasingly popular activity at PLHS, and sophomore Alexis Hoang took on her first season as a female powerlifter this year, reaching new goals and creating new bonds with her teammates.

Powerlifting has continued to inspire students to learn to enjoy working out, and has created unbreakable bonds for the PLHS powerlifting team. With few female lifters on the team, Alexis Hoang takes charge and works towards her season goals.

“I really focused on my form this season, because if I wanted to lift heavier weights I had to fix my form.” Hoang said.

Powerlifting, even outside of the highschool’s weight room, leaves room for numerous lifestyle changes that helped Hoang reach some of her goals this season and aided her in starting to see results. 

“Yes, my fitness journey has been beaming,” Hoang said. “I have started meal prepping so I can see results, and increase my intake of protein. Just enjoying working out, and lifting heavy.”

Going into a male dominated sport can be intimidating, but nonetheless rewarding. Although there are differences between the male and female lifters, not once has Hoang let that discourage her from lifting heavy and creating new friendships with all of her teammates. 

“It is intimidating, there are only five girls on our team, so the differences between the females and males are significant,” Hoang said. “When you see them lifting heavier weights than you, you might get intimidated but it is very fun and they’re really supportive.”

Powerlifting is an amazing option for students who are looking for a new challenge and a fun activity to participate in next year, 

I encourage everyone to do it, it is fun and a great activity to be involved in,” Hoang said.

In a sport where constantly pushing yourself and always attempting new personal records, the PLHS powerlifters are determined to continue getting stronger no matter what.