Patriotism: More Than Just a Word

True American patriotism is wanting change for the future of the country.


Nicole Perez, News Editor

The cliches of American patriotism are everywhere: Land of the free. Home of the brave. Red, white, and blue. The American dream.

My parents moved to the United States from the Philippines and were like many immigrants who were attracted to the shining “American dream,” where anyone could be whomever they wanted. They had hopes and aspirations that their children would have a better future with more opportunities than in their home country. They decided to move to the United States with my older brother two years before I was born. 

They had to learn the hard way that the dream of the U.S. was not all sunshine and rainbows. Discrimination, poverty and injustices separated what was once believed to be a united country.

Some believe that true patriotism is shown through deep love and devotion for the country through displays of the American flag on their clothing or throughout symbols in their homes. However, being patriotic dives deeper into the values of our country.  

To truly be patriotic, one must exceed public display and instead must fight for change that will benefit each individual in the country and speak for those who do not have a voice. True patriots are people like my parents who believe in the goodness of the country.

When people take pride in their patriotism for the United States, but fail to recognize the flaws in our system, they hold back progress in our country.

To fight against racial injustices and other issues currently present in the United States, it is necessary for change to be made. Being aware of the problems found in our country and wanting improvements for a better future is an act of true patriotism to America. 

Now, more than ever, the United States has been plagued with hatred and division. To combat this, social activists have pushed for growth in America in order to create a more diverse and inclusive society. Educating others on the history of minority groups, supporting social movements, and advocating for change in the legislature are just a few ways that people can show their patriotism for the United States.

Wanting change to create a better future for all people in America expresses the love and support one has for the nation. It means that they believe in the potential of a great country for all, like my parents did. 

We need to rewrite the idea of patriotism, to bring hope for the future generations of America.