PLHS Art Exhibit at Sump Memorial Library


Logan S, Journalism I Student

It is no secret that one room at Papillion LaVista Highschool is more creative than the others: The art room, where students worked vigorously in the first semester to have their artwork displayed at the Sump Memorial Library.

The art exhibit on January 31st, 2022, took place at Sump Memorial Library.  Multiple art teachers assisted in putting it together.

“It’s a group of student works that we had kids submit to us,” art teacher Shawn Blevins said.  “We wanted it to be kind of spread out between the different classes, different levels, different grades.”

These creative students put so much effort into their work.  Many spend hours on end just so they can display it for the world to see.

“The first one I made my freshman year,” junior Mia Alexander said.  “Then I made another charcoal portrait.”

Although the exhibition is free to the general public and students aren’t able to sell their works, students can still be assisted by their artwork down the road.

“We as teachers decided that we didn’t want to be a part of [selling student artwork],” Blevins said.  “We want kids to keep their artwork for their portfolio because later down the road it can be worth a lot more scholarship money than whatever they might get for it now.”

Many students that have their artwork displayed love them and believe it is their best work. 

“The eye portrait [is my best work],” Alexander said.  “It’s one of my biggest pieces, and since there’s a lot of detail it draws a lot of attention.”

Anyone can visit the library and see the hard work the students have put into their art.

“The library [and show] is open to the general public,” Chair of arts Al Rhea said.  “All the students and their families can come in… and see the show.”

All that hard work and creativity Papillion LaVista Highschool students put into their 51 pieces of artwork is finally on display at the Sump Memorial Library.