Lily M., Journalism I Student


Soup kitchens. Trash pick up. Tutoring, and so much more. These are just a few of the more generic forms of volunteering but they aren’t all the ways that people can be more involved in their communities.

Students here at PLHS are typically involved in many different activities, some students even do activities outside of school and help out in the community. 

“I do the special olympics, I volunteer at the Lydia house with my mom and I also volunteer for the La Vista Mayor’s Youth Council.” Senior and Secretary of NHS, Reilly Healey said. “I would say I’ve been volunteering since freshman year.”

Not every volunteering activity takes up a ton of time, some people who do multiple activities may be busier than others but for the most part it doesn’t take up a lot of time.

“I am in the La Vista Mayor’s Youth Leadership council and NHS” Junior Reese Folger said. “I’ve been volunteering since 8th grade.”

Volunteering can sound like it wouldn’t be fun but it all depends on the activities you participate in. There are so many different volunteering opportunities that there will more than likely be an activity enjoyable to anyone

 “My favorite part of volunteering would have to be just the joy of doing and helping people in the areas I love.” Healey said.

Volunteers have different opportunities and different options to do all sorts of things. Healey volunteers in the Lydia House helping organize clothes or food for the people that go there to get their basic necessities, she is involved with the special olympics where she helps aid players in different activities

“For Mayors Youth right now we are planning on an event to get together and make blankets for the humane society.” Healey said. “In the past we’ve wrapped presents for Blue Santa at the police station.”

Some volunteer activities don’t even require a lot of hard work and can be just a fun activity to enjoy with your community.

“For most of the activities with the MYLC I help in Halloween Safe Night which is handing out candy to little kids.” Folger said. 

Some students can be fairly busy whether its with homework or sports and clubs. Being that they’re busy they might not think that they have time for volunteering. Depending on the activity volunteering isn’t as often as it seems.

“I would say even if it’s just a small event,” Healey said. “I would say once a week, just because of all the things I’m involved in.”

Depending on the involvement you have in volunteering it won’t take up all your time and students are still able to manage their other activities with it. 

“The volunteering usually doesn’t take up a lot of time,” Folger said. “just a couple hours in a day maybe once a week which is not a lot.”

Volunteering is a great way to be involved in your community and can help to form great memories.

“As a sophomore I painted trash cans as a service project, through that I was introduced to Mayor’s Youth Council where I am able to be more involved.” Healey said. “So volunteering not only provides for the community but it also provides plenty of memories.”

For students looking for volunteer opportunities, always asking those that do for advice can be a great way to become invested and learn more. 

“I would definitely say do something you like.” Healey said. “There’s no point in volunteering for something you don’t even enjoy because you’re not being genuine about it.”

Overall volunteering is another way to stay active and be a more involved member of society.

Whether it’s working in a soup kitchen or just handing out candy volunteering is easier and more enjoyable than perceived. 

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