End of the Year Show Choir


Kennedi R., Journalism 1 Student

Show choir is a way people can express themselves with singing and dancing. They perform in front of hundreds of people and they just forget about everything else but them performing. Show choir isn’t just about the singing and dancing it’s also about the family they build within the group.

A show choir group has many songs they have their opener, ballad, closer and more, but the performers always have their favorite song by the end of their season. 

“Our closer Queen Bee just because it was more upbeat,”  Freshman Brooklynn Hofer said. “The dance was more lively and entertaining.”

Competition days are always a long tiring day, but the groups always have something to look forward to when they are going to their competitions.

“The excitement and hanging out with friends,” Senior Lexi Ritterbush said. “also performing.” 

During the show choir season they do many things when traveling and extra events they perform at.

“When we went to Sioux falls I had a fun time hanging out with my friends.” Ritterbush said. “ Free spirit also got grand champs which was fun to celebrate.” 

Over the show choir season the performers in the group get closer with all the time they spend together over the 6 month time span.

“We all have the determination to get something right,” Hofer said. “To get it to the exact point of a move.”

Show choir can be an escape for the performers when they get onto the stage to perform in front of many people in the audience, and they just forget about everything and show what they can do on the stage. 

“Being able to express yourself in a fun way performing and competing,” Ritterbush said. “Building a family.”

As the show choir groups perform their last time for their family and friends it can be a very emotional time for some performers knowing this is the last time performing ever. 

“The closing of a chapter was really sad.” Ritterbush said. “But it felt good to have one last in person performance.”

Although the show choir season is over for the 2021-2022 school year, many of them will keep their bonds with each other that they have built over the show choir season. The seniors are sad that they are done with this chapter of their life, but the juniors, sophomores, and freshmen are excited to get back to show choir season later this year.