Girls Soccer Tryouts


Kate K, Journalism I Student

The biggest test. The event that determines your season. Tryouts. With the spring season approaching soccer players are preparing for the 2022 spring tryouts. 

After the end of the season, the school started to look for a new coaching staff for the girls soccer team. With the changes this offseason it was an adventure for the players. 

With a whole new coaching staff the Papillion girls soccer team doesn’t know what to expect this year for tryouts. 

“This offseason I’ve been busy with club training and after school conditioning to prepare for tryouts,” Varsity goalkeeper Morgan Byrd said. 

Adapting to the new coaches rules and ways of running the team, the players have been flexible with all the new changes. 

“I’m excited for a new start and hoping for a fun environment and very involved coaches that help the girls,” sophomore Madison Buge said. 

Most girls play club soccer and play with all new girls during the high school season.

“Team bonding is always fun and playing with all the girls that I get to go to school with is exciting,” Buge said. 

Coach Zach Walsh stepped into the position along with his Dad, Mr. Walsh helping out.

“Mr. Walsh was a great addition and I’m excited for his help with his experience as a goalkeeper and I feel I will become a better player this season,” Byrd said. 

For some girls soccer has been in their life for many years and high school soccer could determine their future. 

“I have played soccer since I was 3 years old and playing at the next level is the goal,” Buge said. “This season is going to be a challenge for all of us.̈

A high school athlete’s dream is the state tournament. 

“This year we could be pretty dominant and have a good chance of making it to the state tournament,” said Byrd. 

With the suspense of this spring soccer season the girls are excited to play and want to have fun. Finally getting back together with the girls from last season and a new coaching staff is a new challenge they are ready to take on.