Student Council Organizes Winter Formal


Elayne P, Journalism I student

Between the iconic school dances like homecoming and prom, another event brings students together for a night of dressing up and dancing. At 8:30 on February 26th, students along with a DJ gathered in the south gym. Winter formal brought a light to the dark cold days of late February and was organized by the PLHS student council members. 

“The purpose of winter formal is to give students something they can look forward to, especially leading up to spring break students may feel unmotivated,” sophomore Alexis Hoang said. “Winter formal is something exciting in the midst of our lack of motivation.”

Each individual involved in student council had an important role in helping to make this fun night possible for students.

“My role is to go to meetings, help make the decisions, organizing, setting up decorations,” sophomore Addison Manks said.

Theme is another decision members had to make for winter formal. There are classic themes like under the sea, spring in Paris, or masquarade. The creative possibilities seem endless. To let everyones opinions and ideas be heard is no easy feat. 

“We all put in an idea and then the officers kinda narrow it down to a top three,” Manks said. “And then the entire council votes on it.”

The only way to effectively convey the theme of the dance, Night Under the Stars, is with decorations. This will transform a place of dodgeball and sprints into a twinkling dark sky made for dancing.

“We aimed for having a fun, mysterious, but relaxing night,” Hoang said. “This year we had gold and silver stars and white lights.”

After the theme and decorations, the issue of location must be tackled. With covid cooling down for the moment the dance found its way back to its precedent location, the PHLS south gym.

“We have to decide where it’s going to be. Usually it’s in the gym but with covid sometimes that has to change,” Manks said.

Not only did student council members have fun at the dance, but also organizing the dance proved to be a good experience as well.

“Although the process of it may sound stressful, it was organized and laid back, I was tired, but it was super fun,” Hoang said.

Student councils’ hard work while organizing winter formal gave PLHS students a night to never forget. The students at PLHS are anxiously waiting for the next student council project.