Girls Joining Track


Grace C., Journalism I student

For students who love to torture themselves they cannot seem to shy away from the idea of joining track. Running from hours on end while depriving themselves of water and thinking of all the reasons they hate themselves as they continue to run, especially for those with asthma.

However, despite this they know the reason that they joined in the first place, to become a better person and get more involved in school activities.

“I will be drinking water daily,” Freshman Julianna Nastase said. “And putting my best effort into what I will be doing this track season.”

Some cannot seem to understand why these students would put their body into doing such an intense pain known as running. While the students doing these exercises, find it’s a fantastic way to get your body into shape and meet new people along the way, maybe that’s why they’ve been doing this for so long.

“I did track in my 8th grade,” Freshman Abigail Carpenter said. “Track is really fun; you get to meet a lot of people and get a really good workout in.”

Every student specializes in something they enjoy, for Carpenter that’s jumping and for Nastase it’s running, and despite the many challenges they know that they will face they continue to push on despite the many obstacles that they know they will face. The goals that they have put in place for this year may seem simple but to everyone else it may make the difference of what place they come in.

“No specific goals,” Carpenter said. “Just to get better at running and jumping.”

But for those with more complex problems they just want to see how far they can push themselves without injuring themselves. As Nastase has asthma she herself knows just how hard it can be and wants to try and get better this year.

“To boost my mood,” Nastase said. “And create better habits.”

These runners aren’t tied down to doing only one thing as track offers a variety of different ways to get a workout in. Nastase said she will be doing sprint while Carpenter found that she could not find just one to settle on as she said she wants to do not only Pole Vault but also Triple Jump and maybe Long Jump. And they know how this will affect their future for high school.

“I want to do it again next year.” Nastase said. “I will continue to do this in the future.” Carpenter said.

This may be a terrible decision on their part but for the time being they only want to run and attempt to forget their worries, if only for an hour and a half at a time.