Monarchs End Six Game Skid with 4-0 Win Against the Chieftains

Monarchs hold Bellevue East scoreless to win their third game of the year.


Anthony Rubek

Senior Keegan Hylok lines up to cross the ball late in the first half.

Avery Delwiche, Staff Writer

It is safe to say that every team wants to win every single game they play. It does not matter if it is just a scrimmage or a championship game, they are playing to win. 

The varsity boys soccer team started out their season with a 2-1 one record but soon had some devastating losses where they only ended up scoring once.

However, the game Thursday night started out with an early goal on the Monarchs side by junior Rafael Nolasco-Lopez. From there, the Monarchs held that lead for good and they ended up triumphant with a score of 4-0 over the Bellevue East Chieftains.

“We needed this win,” Nolasco-Lopez said. “We were just looking forward to this and we’re looking forward to our next game.”

After a shaky start to their season, they had to step up their game in practices. All the coaches ran the team through new drills over and over to improve their shots on goal.

“We did some new passing drills that were like what we actually did in the game,” senior Tammaso Alizoni said. “We also practiced swinging the ball out to the left and letting our ringers do the work.”

Alizoni was one of the three scorers in this game, along with Nolasco-Lopez who scored twice and freshman Darian Barragan. After going so long with only one successful goal, the Monarchs are grateful to have made their shots and win the game.

“I feel happy,” Alizoni said. “I’ve been waiting for that for a long time and I just feel relieved that I finally got a goal.”

Unusually, both of the team’s goalies had the opportunity to get some playing time during the game and both played tremendously well. The Chieftains had numerous scoring opportunities and the Monarchs equally matched their shots with excellent blocks.

“Goalies were great,” head coach Andre Watts said. “Anytime you can play both goalies and get a clean sheet with zero goals you’re happy.”

It felt good for the Monarchs to get back in the win column after such a long losing streak. They gained some much needed momentum to finish the rest of their season.

“The win tonight was much needed for the boys,” Watts said. “It was good for their confidence and happiness and just to get back on track.”