The Batman Review

Major spoilers for the new Batman movie released on Mar. 4.


Evie Brilz

WARNING: major plot spoilers. Vengeance is coming for the city of Gotham and brought forth by the city’s vigilante Batman, played by the one and only Robert Pattinson. Batman lurks in the shadows and scares any criminal that dares to commit crimes. He flaunts around the city on his expensive motorcycle, or his car if he so wishes. The one thing no one knows about this Batman is his identity. 

The viewers figure it out quickly as he makes his way back home after a night of avenging. He is the wealthy orphan Bruce Wayne who owns and runs Wayne Enterprises with his long time butler Alfred. 

The movie takes a quick turn when a candidate for mayor is found dead and his young son is the one to find him. The killer’s face is never revealed, but the viewers know he goes by the Riddler. From here the movie takes a tumble.

Batman makes his way to an underground club where he is introduced to Catwoman, played by Zoe Kravits, although she is not in costume. She finds out her best friend Annika has gone missing and teams up with Batman to figure out what is going on. 

Catwoman has absolutely no reason to be in the movie. She helps to find somewhat vital information, but then leaves until she randomly shows up again, this time to kiss Batman. Huh? She also finds Annika dead and has little to no reaction about finding her best friend’s head in the back of a car. 

All in all the villian and fight scenes were pretty epic. There was plenty of suspense and action, but not enough for a second watch. Justice will be served to Gotham city, but hopefully it is served in less than two and a half hours.