Doing it with Style

Harry Styles has been extremely successful in the past few years, and with the release of his single ‘As It Was’, his popularity only grows.


Danae Collver is a news staff writer

Harry Styles has stolen the hearts of many across the world with his progressive, high level fashion, charming looks, and extreme talent in singing and songwriting. The 28 year old has continued to make a name for himself in the industry by expanding beyond traditional and masculine expectations through his visuals and personal presentation. There is no doubt Styles will make a major impact in the music industry and continue to build upon his massive fan base.

To add to this ever rising admiration of Styles, he is met with a smashing hit. The hype from fans was off the charts when Styles released his highly anticipated single ‘As It Was’ on April 1st, set to be on his upcoming album ‘Harry’s House’ in late May. ‘As It Was’ strayed from his typical style of music but was met with high praise and billboard chart rankings nonetheless. Styles’ song weaves a story of his inability to move on from the past as the feelings of loneliness persist and the urge to bottle up emotions goes unwavered. 

This combination of upbeat, electric instrumental intertwined with the sorrowful lyrics of his past experiences creates a worthwhile piece. Intimacy and vulnerability is scattered throughout the song, displaying the duality of this genre of music. Along with many other supporters, I was worried that this single would not measure up to the caliber of his other songs. I felt as though nothing could capture my attention like his previous works, which is why I went into my first listening with preconceived notions and doubts.

Luckily, it exceeded my expectations and it’s safe to say that it remains on repeat on my Spotify. Harry Styles has cultivated a large following over the years but for good reason. Some still see him as this funky British teen in a boy band, and while I cherish his years in One Direction, he has branched out into something bigger. He has gained great respect from critiques and people are finally realizing how talented he really is. With his new album set to release in the next month, hopefully Styles will continue this trend of grave success and never go out of style.